Me Me Me..thats all I ever talk about on this site! Actually its only here for you. I only care about how I can help you get results for your brand using moving image content.
─ Colin Melville
My work covers TV commercials, Brand Films, Online-content, Virals and Promos. I basically make cost effective creative content, that gets people talking.
─ Colin Melville
You want great video content. You want great creative. You want someone who can take all the production hassles away and deliver a great piece of cost effective work. You want analytics. You want advice. You want someone you can trust.
─ Colin Melville
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Crossfit and the Nike Fuel band test.
I wanted to make something that stood out. Not just your regular crossfit exercise film. Crossfit is all about training differently and so is the Nike Fuel Band. A marriage made in the gym! I wanted to make the film shareable due to its unique and interesting style and to get viewers to stay with it longer than the usual 2 second view. This is the test film I made for Nike.
One of 3 TV Spots that I recently directed in Cape Town through Original Concept , for African Energy giant Oryx
I was brought in by leading production company OCP to work with leading London branding agency Handsome Brands to advise the best way to get their initial poster campaign "Circles" for Oryx Energies working on screen. I developed the script, storyboards and organised a leading team to shoot the campaign in South Africa. I shot 3 commercials in 8 days using libra mounted car rigs, cranes and motion control.
A low budget Viral that’s already banged up 250,000 views on YouTube with no marketing push whatsoever.
With MMA clothing brand Forca Luta I developed the concept from storyboard through shooting and directing the viral. I wanted to make something that would stand out in the crowded world of MMA cage fighting, and connect with the viewers. The Manga animation gave the film an added dimension of escapism. The viral has already racked up 250,000 views with no marketing push at all.
I turned a seaside town into a miniature world to promote a real tiny attraction.
I created a viral ad promoting one of the South West's biggest attractions, The Model Village. Using 10,000 photo stills, I created a tilt shift film of Torbay and intercut it with real life footage from the Model Village. The challenge was to tell which was which in the film, which gained local and national press as well as a massive YouTube presence.
A viral to showcase a promotional event for Tequila Silver & Gold
I created and shot this viral for Jose Cuervo & Nightfall Events to showcase the brands; Gold and Silver Tequila. To promote the two brands I came up with the idea of mirror shooting the event and then mirroring the shots in post to enhance both brands being equal.
A title sequence for the deeply dark film "Roast" to be released 2015
A 75 year old roasting machine was the inspiration for the title sequence for deeply dark thriller "Roast". I shot and handled all the post production for the title sequence which had the brief to be stylish and intriguing to the viewer.
A moving and informative film made for Original Concept Productions for worldwide online therapy company Big White Wall.
A moving film for BWW. The film was released in the UK and the USA simultaneously as part of a campaign to promote the benefits of BWW to sufferers of depression and professionals in the mental health industry.
Video installation film for Audi UK shot through Two Four Productions UK
I was asked by TV Production Company Two Four to create and produce an engaging film for a video wall for Audi UK. Although this film can be seen in the usual 16.9 aspect ratio on the site, it was actually split onto huge various rhombus style shapes across 3 giant walls, creating a major challenge in the edit. The film was shown to selected audiences inside the Audi experience hangar.
Stunning corporate film for Balfour Beatty shot through The Edge Pictures UK.
The Edge Pictures asked me to direct this lovely spot promoting Zero Harm for one of the world’s biggest construction companies Balfour Beatty. I travelled to New York, London & Washington (with a quick stop over in L.A for another job in between) shooting this spot on the Canon 5D as we needed to keep the kit small. I edited the job in FCP and graded in Resolve.
Seriously saucy Idents for XTV channel launch
I was asked to help create and then produce and direct a series of television idents for Adult channel XTV. It was a difficult brief as nudity could only be implied but we still had to be provocative yet stay classy. The client threw in a last minute demand of having a male in the idents , something we had never expected! I developed the idea of a photographer having the tables turned on himself!
I thought every office was like this ...Isn't it?
I worked in conjunction with Modern Times group and broadcaster Viasat to create a TV Commercial to encourage the best graduates to join them. I worked with Viasat and MTG's in-house creative team and developed the script with them.The spot was directed in a day in an office block in London and undertook all production and post.
How Christmassy can a film be ? Makes you want to put a log on the fire!
I was asked by the lovely people at Two-Four to come up with a concept and film a brand film for VW showrooms. The brief was to show the VW accessories range for winter in a fun and cool way. Coming from Glasgow I know that if we were lucky Glencoe in Scotland would have snow (it was lateNovember) I was in luck they had the best snow in 10 years! This was one of two films shot in a winter wonderland.
Half a day’s access airside at LAX airport in LA with the world’s biggest plane.
Menzies Aviation asked me to shoot a short brandfilm for them out in LA. Menzies handle air freight across the globe (I seemed to remember them being a newsagent but times have changed). The film was to be informative and show what they did to outside customers. Shot on the Canon 5D in a very short space of time. I miss you LA!
USA cinema spot For Speedo
In conjunction with talented graphic artist Jess Gorick @ Graphic Onions we created this commercial for USA cinema release which was also bizarrely projected of the building around Times Square New York.
Trailer for a movie season using only one still image from each movie
I was working with a TV channel that had a Cult Movie season. Some of the films including "I bought a Vampire motorcycle” was pushing the word "Cult" !There was a problem, they didn't have the movies in to show yet. I had to think on my feet. We could use stills from the film, so I thought we should make a cult trailer. Out of all the animated things I've done I still love this for its sheer simplicity.
Painful TV Spot for Sky Sports..ouch!
I directed this commercial amongst numerous others for Sky Sports. I loved the simplicity of the creative and the tongue in cheek feel to it. No senior citizens were harmed in the making of this spot!
One of a series of Sponsorship Idents I wrote and directed through OCP for Monster Jobs
I got a call from a client to come up with an idea to shoot some Idents for Monster Jobs whilst I was in an existing shoot. Not much of a brief! I was shooting in a huge empty conference building (The NEC in the UK), with no one around. I realised that people looked pretty bored at their jobs (there were no conferences going on), and I thought what better place to go when you bored than Monster Jobs website? In fact you didn't have to do the job you had! Easier said than done but it worked well for the idents.
Series of Idents for Channel 4's "How clean is Your House?"
. I was asked by the client direct to create the concept and shoot a series of Sponsorship Idents for Channel 4's "How clean is Your House?” The brief was happy families using cleaning products! I know they look a little young but I had to glam it up a bit! Can cleaning be fun? Well it looks like it with Kleeneze! The ident ran for 8 weeks across Channel 4
Brand Film for Philips lighting conference
Lovely Eindhoven home of Philips Lighting. I was asked to join a team to document Philips Lighting exhibitions in Mainz, Germany, Eindhoven and Amsterdam. I wanted to make a cool brandfilm to reflect the amazing products. It could have been your typical dull exhibition film. I like to think we made something a little bit different. The client certainly thought so!
Why do men always exaggerate ?
Fishing. Not the most glamorous subject! But I was always fascinated about the one that got away. It was always this big or even bigger! Men love whoppers and most believe that theirs is the biggest. missus can see where I'm going here. I basically had a camera, a location near London and an afternoon to come up with a cute viral idea. It kinda works...I hope!


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